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Beginning June 30, 2016, Gmail will be changing its DMARC policy regarding email delivery and Microsoft (Live, MSN, Outlook and Hotmail) is not far behind. Similar changes to Yahoo and AOL negatively impact deliverability as well. This policy change, designed to prevent email phishing and spoofing, reduces the likelihood of your emails being delivered to your leads and members if you use any of the affected email service providers below. If you or your staff are using any of these email domains to send emails out of your InTouch system, you need to make immediate changes to ensure your email communications remain highly effective.


If you or your staff send any emails to leads or members through your InTouch system using one of the following email service providers, the deliverability of those emails will be greatly diminished.

  • Google (
  • Microsoft (which includes,,,, and  Note: Microsoft has recently postponed this change until later this year 
  • AOL (which includes and 
  • Yahoo (which includes, and 

Note: Changes on country specific extensions (for example are still to be determined


As best practice, we recommend always using an email address from a private domain (e.g., At minimum, update club, staff and any custom email addresses in the InTouch system to one that doesn’t include any of the domains above.

To review and update your email addresses

  1. Log into your InTouch site and go to the Admin tab (the far right grey tab)

Club Email Address

  1. Go to Club (on the blue bar)

  2. Check under Club Details to see if the club email address is from one of the affected domains

  3. If yes, update/change by clicking Edit (bottom center), update to new email address and hit Save

Staff Email Addresses

  1. Go to Staff (on the blue bar)

  2. Check staff emails in the center column

  3. To update, click Edit on the right side of the staff name, update their email and Save

    1. For multi-club staff, you only need to update this email in one site

Custom (Other) emails

While this option is not often used by clubs (and not included in any InTouch best practice emails), it’s recommended to review and update if your club has customized any emails.

  1. Go to the Follow-Up tab

  2. For each individual email, click Edit

  3. Check the From Email Address to see if it uses the Other option

  4. If yes, and if the email address is from one of the affected domains, update to new email address and hit Save

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